BVSD Volunteer Information

All   new   and   returning   volunteers   must  complete this online application on an annual  basis.


There are three levels of volunteering for the school district:


  1. Level One allows contact with students under direct staff supervision.  

  2. Level Two allows contact with students with indirect supervision. 

  3. Level Three allows the volunteer to transport students.

At Coal Creek, Level Two certification is required for most volunteer opportunities with PTA activities or in the classroom. Please use the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) links below for further information. If you have any questions, please contact the Volunteer Helpdesk at 720.561.6224 or the Office at 720.561.4500.

Please read the attached document to learn more about BVSD's volunteer policy.

BVSD Volunteer Application

Volunteers must complete this application for all volunteer opportunities. Follow this link to complete an application through BVSD.

Level Two Volunteer Certification is required for most Coal Creek volunteer opportunities. There are two ways to complete the background check for Level Two Volunteer Certification.


The first option costs $17, requires a simple background check completed online through TClogiQ, and lasts for one school year.


The second option costs $40, requires a more in depth background check through CBI, also requires fingerprinting, and lasts for the duration of your student(s) time in BVSD. That's $40 to be cleared for all the volunteering you may do from kindergarten through high school graduation.

Paper Volunteer Packet

BVSD encourages volunteers to complete the online application, However, this paper packet is also available. 

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