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The CCE PTA Board

The PTA Board at Coal Creek

Elementary consists of 8 roles filled by parents of current students at Coal Creek Elementary. These are nominated positions (per National PTA guidelines). Each nominated member:

  • serves a 2 year term

  • attends monthly board meetings (1 1/2 - 2 hours long)

  • represents PTA board at community meetings and school events (Back to School Night)

  • volunteers at (a minimum) of 2 PTA hosted events in a school year

The PTA Board will work with your schedule and availability. For more information please contact


The President oversees management of all PTA programs, events and initiatives. He/she advocates on behalf of students and parents, and supports membership growth and retention. The President plans agendas for general membership meetings and special continuing education events; and represents the PTA in public speaking engagements. The President oversees all PTA state and national compliance issues and serves as the chair of the fundraising committee, overseeing all fundraising activities. The President works with the VP of Finance on the management of all fiscal matters; and has stewardship over the appropriate distribution of the PTA funds. Monthly Responsibilities: board and community meeting agendas, school newsletter(Approximate Time Commitment: 1 - 5 hours/week)


Vice President

The first Vice President acts as the aide to the President of the PTA. He/she performs the duties of the president in the absence or inability of that officer to serve. To this end, the VP attends all executive committee meetings and monthly meetings with the Principal. The VP plans and participates in all general membership PTA meetings, supporting growth and retention of Coal Creek membership; and develops continuing education programs for parents. The VP develops Coal Creek PTA policy with the President, in coordination with state PTA representatives. The VP acts as chair of the bylaws committee, conducting annual reviews and submissions of the bylaws to state PTA representatives. The VP is the liaison to the Coal Creek Student Council, and oversees the Parent Partners program and the welcoming of new families to the school community. (Approximate Time Commitment 6 - 8 hours/month)


Vice President- Finance

The second VP performs the duties of the President in the President's and 1st VP’s absence or inability to serve. The VP of Finance manages the financial PumaPTA gmail and Paypal accounts, while being the point of contact for internet fundraising programs. He/She manages the bank account, including change of signer forms for new officers, depositing monies, cash verification and check request forms, and reviewing monthly bank statements with the Treasurer, VP and President.  The VP of Finance maintains insurance with AIM, audits previous year financial records, and sends proof of both (and membership report/dues) to COPTA according to deadlines. He/She files tax forms with the IRS and Colorado Secretary of State, pays city and state sales taxes, creates annual PTA budget (with the help of a finance team) to present to the membership, and manages donations/fees from all PTA programs.  The VP of Finance acts as chair for Finance and Budget Committee.



The treasurer works with the VP of Finance to keep accurate and detailed records of all PTA receipts and disbursements. The treasurer provides financial reports to the board of directors and the membership at each meeting. To this end, the treasurer reviews and reconciles monthly bank statements, provides monthly budget status updates, and manages all income from fundraising activities. The treasurer works closely with the financial review committee and works with the VP of Finance to create the annual PTA budget. (Approximate Time Commitment 6 - 8 hours/month)



The secretary writes, distributes, and maintains hard-copy records for all PTA business, including the proceedings of association meetings, minutes from PTA board and member meetings, bylaws, standing rules, membership lists and PTA calendar of events. The secretary coordinates all speakers and presenters at PTA member meetings, submits minutes to the CO PTA association, counts and records all votes, and manages membership enrollment drives. The PTA gmail account and google drive documents are maintained by the secretary, as well as after-action reports from PTA programs.


Volunteer Co-Chairs

The two Volunteer Co-Chairs recruit committee chairs and their volunteers to fill all PTA initiatives and events. They support the needs of the committee chairs and engage in volunteer appreciation of those chairs. The volunteer co-chairs write/collect after-action reports for all events, manage a calendar of events and volunteering timelines. They participate in the Parent Partner Committee to welcome kindergartners and new families and oversee the summer play-dates for new families. (Approximate Time Commitment 3 - 5 hours/month)


Marketing/Fundraising Chair

The Marketing/Fundraising Chair acquires and maintains all corporate relationships for the PTA board. This includes the Corporate Sponsor program, sponsors for PTA member meetings and Dining for Dollars. He/She will promote Amazon Smiles, King Soopers cards, and other programs that result in PTA funding from corporations.

Teacher Liaison

The Teacher Liaison shall represent the ideas, opinions, and needs of the Coal Creek staff to the PTA board.  She will coordinate staff involvement where needed, including staff participation in PTA membership drives, online voting, and budget planning. (Approximate Time Commitment 1 hour/month)

Let's Work Together

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