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CCAT (Coal Creek Accountability Team)

The Coal Creek Accountability Team (CCAT) is a board appointed by the principal as required by BVSD Policy and Colorado law. Its purpose is to give parents and other members of the school community a voice in major decisions made by the school administration. The CCAT is Coal Creek’s School Accountability Committee.


The committee looks at school goals, reviews school budgets, supports parent engagement, and drives school improvements. BVSD requires each school to have an active accountability team to serve as a grassroots organization for accountability that advises the school principal. The school’s principal is ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance with all federal, state, and district requirements and meeting the academic performance expectations defined by the BVSD. Based on state statute and BVSD policy, at a minimum, the CCAT is responsible for participation in: 

  • the school budget

  • school improvement

  • parent engagement 

  • accountability team self assessment

  • when requested by the district, principal development plans and evaluations. 

The CCAT board is appointed by the principal. In the event of a vacancy, the CCAT board can select replacements.

CCAT Meeting Schedule

CCAT Meetings will be held quarterly from 3-5 pm in the Coal Creek Library on the following dates:

  • September 29

  • October 20

  • January 26

  • April 27

Meetings are open to the public.

Interested in Joining?

Contact Molly Trappe by email at for more information.

2022-2023 CCAT Team

Principal Jeff VanIWarden
Chairperson - Molly Trappe
Vice Chairperson - Katie French

Secretary -

PTA Liaison -

DCAT Rep - Chris Holguin

Parent Representatives


1st Grade - Allison Bayley
2nd Grade - Freya Henry

3rd Grade -

4th Grade -
5th Grade - Katie French


Teacher Representatives

Kindergarten - Jennifer Hunter
1st Grade - Maggie Sowash
2nd Grade - Hannah Jones
3rd Grade - Laura Yost
4th Grade - Jennifer Gurney
5th Grade - Erica Moriale

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